You and Rose/Drew head over to the hand to hand combat station. You work on it for a while your pretty okay at it Rose/ Drew are um well... let's just say they keep hitting themselves in the head...and shoulders...and well their whole body (good thing they have alot of armor on.). After a while of training you and Rose/Drew are tired out and decide to rest for the last few minutes and talk. If you decided to act cocky everyone glares at you and Rose/Drew especially the group from district 5. If you decided to act strong some people look at you curiously but most just ignore you. If you acted sad some people looked at you with simpathy But most just ignored you. You and Rose/Drew go back to your room you callasp on the bed and sleep until your awoken for dinner. You continue the act. If you were cocky the girl from district 5 walks past you at dinner and kicks the back of your chair. You jerk forward and glare at her. She gives you an evil smile and walks back to her seat where here partner gives her a high five under the table. Congradulations you have made new enemies. After dinner you get up and as you pass her what do you do?

Chapter 10 kick her

Chapter 11 ignore her

Chapter 12 I wasn't cocky

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