You grab a sword from the shelf and you can feel their eyes beating down on you. Your the last tribute they have to judge.But this year they probably cut the wine budget too so you guess they're sober. "carry on" one of them says. You walk over to the dummy. Your whole body is shaking. You decide to do one of the more complicated routins. You step back. You here one of them yawn. You look over to see one looking at her watch. You charge forward and jump into the air. Their eyes are huge watching your every move. While in the air you do a flip and land on the ground. You pretend to dodge an attack by rolling on the ground and you thrust your sword behind you and slice one arm of the dummy. You then get up off the floor and jump over the dummy pretending to block a sword slice. You then stab the dummy in it's heart. The judges mumble and write down some things. "Exit to your right." one says. You're not sure if you did good or not.

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