As you pass her you just ignore her. She glares at you as you leave the room. Rose/Drew smiles at you and you blush as you realize they saw the whole thing. When you get to your room Rose/Drew says "I'm glad you didn't do anything reckless that could've gotten messy." After a while the chatter turns to laughter as you both come up with funny nicknames for the group from district 5. After laughing for a couple hours you suddenling remember what tomorrow is... The judges are going to judge you on your fighting abilities at the same time you both stop laughing and stare at eachother. You feel a huge knot in your stomach and find it hard to sleep that night but somehow you do. In the morning you are brought to the waiting are outside the area where you are judged. One after another tributes keep going in and out. You feel the knot getting tighter and tighter. It's the girl tribute from district 5's turn. If you were cocky when she passed you snarled "Brake a leg...litterally". She rolls her eyes and goes in. If you weren't cocky you did nothing. After waiting what seemed like forever it's your turn what do you show them?

Chapter 13 for hand to hand (with a dummy)

Chapter 14 for artillery

Chapter 15 for camoflage

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